Our Approach

Why invest in your workforce?

Every year across Australia, sick days account for approximately $7 billion in lost revenue.


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A Healthier Investment

To ensure the return on your investment is tangible, there must be links with existing HR and OHS strategies. Bupa can help you achieve this by developing a solid business case to drive your wellness strategy.




Our direct approach

Our team of highly skilled workplace health professionals work directly with your organisation to identify specific physical, psychological, cultural and occupational health risks.


Bupa works with your organisation to identify HR, WHS & business priorities and identify key areas of health risk.


We work with you to develop a new or revised health and wellness strategy (HWS) for your business that can incorporate existing and include new initiatives to help increase understanding, participation and impact.


Bupa provides a dedicated program manager to develop an understanding of your culture and to contribute effectively to achieving your key success measures.

This program manager partners with you to help ensure that communication, motivation and participation is maximised throughout the program.


Ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the activities and programs to ensure they are achieving the agreed measures of success. We work with you to refine and make continuous improvements over the longer term.