Healthier Bodies

Our Healthier Bodies solutions target lifestyle factors that impact your employee's bodies.


By participating in one of our health assessments, your employees can better understand their health status and may be empowered to take positive steps to help improve their health. During consultations employees can ask questions and discuss any health concerns with our trained health professionals.

Our medical solutions cater for different styles and budgets.

Onsite Health Checks

Encouraging employees to take a few minutes out of their day to have their health checked is something that could easily benefit your organisation. Not just now but in the long term, by helping to reduce the chance of illness or absence.

We offer a choice of packages – each providing a range of tests and checks, administered by a specially-trained Bupa Wellness registered nurse.

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Skin checks

Around two in every three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 701. This means it's important for your employees to have regular skin checks to help minimise the risk of health problems now and in the future. We have two levels of skin checks to suit your workplace, ranging from exposed areas through to a full body assessment.

Ergonomic Assessments

Having your employee's workstations set up correctly can alleviate any muscle strains or joint pain. Our ergonomic team can complete an assessment on a variety of workplaces. Whether your employees are standing at a counter or sitting at a computer we have an ergonomic package to suit your needs.

Healthier Workforce Solution

We can help you find a healthier workforce with our ready-made wellness solution designed to keep your workforce healthy, productive and engaged.

Program components include:

  • annual health check
  • online mental health program
  • annual flu vaccination
  • health information
  • work health assessment (online)
  • personal telephonic health coaching

Health and Wellness Information

Regular health information is a key component of any wellness program. It creates awareness around specific health topics and encourages employees to be mindful of taking care of their own health. Bupa Wellness has developed a suite of health information brought to you in a variety of formats that is clinically sound and informative for your employees.

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars are an effective way to communicate health topics to a variety of your employees in a single location. Our seminar solutions are delivered by health professionals directly at your workplace and cover a number of topics to supplement any wellness program.


Our massage services help take the stress out of your employee's day. Ranging from roving appointments to a service for employees at their workstation through to 15 minute seated neck and shoulder options in a dedicated room, we have a solution to suit your needs.

Hearing Assessments

It's estimated one in six Australian adults are affected by partial or complete hearing loss. About 10 percent of adult-onset hearing loss is due to noise in the workplace2. This means it's important to provide regular assessments for your employees.

Our hearing assessments utilise the latest technology to assess your employee's hearing levels. We also provide them with a personal report highlighting any risks.

2 Safe Work Australia. Occupational noise-induced hearing loss in Australia. Barton, ACT: Commonwealth of Australia. 2010.

Back and Posture Assessments

Sedentary behaviour is often attributed to muscular problems in employees. Back and posture screens are an effective solution to provide employees with insight into any underlying health conditions that could be causing pain or discomfort. It will arm your employees with exercises or techniques to help improve flexibility in their day to day lives.

Vision Screening

Ongoing computer use or exposure to industrial workplaces can cause eyes to become tired or overused. It is important employees get regular vision screens to identify any vision problems early. Our assessments are provided onsite by a qualified health professional and assess long and short vision and colour blindness in your employees.

Health lounges & Health Kiosks

Our interactive health lounges and health kiosks are a way to bring wellness alive in your workplace. Employees can experience a range of activities from Heart Health Screenings to massages and get to know more about their own health status. To suit your workplace we have service options to choose from which are all centred on the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Bupa Telehealth - Telephonic Health Coaching

Our Bupa Telehealth program offers a flexible approach to telephonic health coaching that can be accessed nationally at a time convenient to your employees. Our professional coaches will guide them through a structured program focusing on improving their health outcomes under themes of smoking cessation, diet and nutrition and stress and resilience. Programs can be tailored from a variety of call options, depending on the level of coaching required.