Healthier Places

In developing Healthier Places we focus on solutions to help build a healthier workplace.

Work Health Assessment

The online Work Health Assessment can provide a valuable measure of your organisation's general health and is a tangible investment in the health and wellness of your employees. This solution is a cost effective way to reach your workforce and can provide your organisation with:

  • a clear snapshot of your employees' current health and potential risks
  • benchmark data to help better shape tailored wellness programs for your business
  • insights for your employees, including their 'real' health age versus biological age
  • a work health assessment score, allowing you to see how your organisation is tracking

Healthier Workforce Solution

We can help you find a healthier workforce with our ready-made wellness solution designed to keep your workforce healthy, productive and engaged.

Program components include:

  • annual health check
  • online mental health program
  • annual flu vaccination
  • health information
  • work health assessment (online)
  • personal telephonic health coaching

Health and Wellness Information

Regular health information is a key component of any wellness program. It creates awareness around specific health topics and encourages employees to be mindful of taking care of their own health. Bupa Wellness has developed a suite of health information brought to you in a variety of formats that is clinically sound and informative for your employees.

Seminars and Workshops

Seminars are an effective way to communicate health topics to a variety of your employees in a single location. Our seminar solutions are delivered by health professionals directly at your workplace and cover a number of topics to supplement any wellness program.

Health lounges & Health Kiosks

Our interactive health expos are a way to bring wellness alive in your workplace. Employees can experience a range of activities from Heart Health Screenings to massages and get to know more about their own health status. To suit your workplace we have service options to choose from which are all centred on the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Bupa Telehealth - Telephonic Health Coaching

Our Bupa Telehealth program offers a flexible approach to telephonic health coaching that can be accessed nationally at a time convenient to your employees. Our professional coaches will guide them through a structured program focusing on helping improve their health outcomes under themes of smoking cessation, diet and nutrition and stress and resilience. Programs can be tailored from a variety of call options, depending on the level of coaching required.