Our Story

Your health partner in workplace health solutions

We are dedicated to helping your workforce become healthier, happier and more productive.


Your Company Benefits

  • independent validation of key workforce risks
  • a health strategy integrated with human resources, workplace health and safety (OHS), risk and organisation priorities
  • targeted health solutions
  • ongoing measurement, monitoring and evaluation of return on investment (ROI)



Part of a global family

As part of the Bupa group, we operate in 190 countries and draw on a wealth of knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with even better services and advice.

We know corporate Australia

We are committed to over 2,900 Australian companies, covering over 6 million employees and their families. We have been delivering Workplace Wellness services for over 16 years.

Industry expertise

We have a team of highly skilled workplace health professionals ready to shape solutions to your unique workforce.

Strong commitment to clinical governance

Bupa Wellness solutions are designed under the same level of excellence, commitment and customer focus that is the hallmark of Bupa's approach to health. We are also ISO accredited, so you can be confident in our quality offering.

Continuous innovation

We know health management is evolving, that's why we have a dedicated wellness development team continually innovating our services to respond to your changing needs.